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About Kevin

Growing up on the rural outskirts of Brisbane was the ultimate boys own adventure for a young Kevin Brown.

Rusty old tin sheds, climbing trees, and adventuring into the surrounding bush land was as good as life could get for the youngster and allowed him to develop practical problem solving skills of thinking laterally and improvising.


After following his father’s words of wisdom, Kevin started his working career as a cabinetmaker. However Kevin’s career took a sharp turn left when he was spotted by a talent scout and persuaded to start a career in modeling. With some lucrative offers almost too good to be true (it was the 80’s after all…) Kevin left Brisbane for the bright lights of Sydney.


During this time Kevin spent the daylight hours building and designing interiors and the night time working in some of Sydney’s most prominent night clubs. Then to further his career in modelling picked up his swag and travelled between London , Milan and Tokyo.


Yet it was building and designing interiors that was really the most rewarding for Kevin and he eventually focused singularly on building a number of design and construction businesses.


It was not until quite recently that Kevin picked up some brushes and building tools and used them to apply paint to canvas as an expression of his creativity.


Kevin’s “Building Inspiration” series has a raw energy and creative force that is drawn instinctively from the urban and rural landscapes of Australia’s outback – perhaps stemming from his early years as a free spirit in his own boys adventure. The impression of dryness is created by his use of parched earthy tones and his use of texture and layering plays tricks with the light in much the same manner as corrugated iron might.


Kevin’s philosophy on painting is not structured – he believes its an intuitive process which for him has almost become a form of meditation.


“Painting is a time where I can really switch off from the outside world and just be in the moment. When I paint I don’t stop and analyze – its like a stream of unconsciousness and connectivity”


Recently Kevin featured on the Foxtel Skills One programme in a short documentation about his love of painting and how he discovered his talent. The show was filmed in the studio and showed Kevin painting and talking about his passion.


As for the future, Kevin dreams of taking off to the bush with blank canvases in tow so he can get back to basics and immerse himself in the spirit of the Australian outback…

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